Pacific Crest Trail gear

If you’re the kind of person who comes to the internet to find out how much someone’s pants weigh, to the nearest gram, knock yourself out with my LighterPack profile:

If not, you can find out what I’m carrying below.

And if you’d rather scratch out your own eyes with a tent peg than think about kit research, I suggest you give this page a miss.

Big 4

Big 4 accessories

Clothing (worn)

Clothing (carried)


Bathroom and care


Walking kit

  • Poles: Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork, kindly given to me by Black Diamond after I challenged them to convert me to the way of the trekking pole. We shall see. Thanks friends!
  • Umbrella: Euroschirm Swing Liteflex in UV silver: kindly given to me by the nice people at Euroschirm after I guilted them about me being a ginger in the desert

Sierra only


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